nov 29

When it comes to playing World Championship Matches, there is no one among the current active players who is as experienced as Vishy Anand. The Indian grandmaster has been World Champion five times and has a wealth of experience playing for the highest title. What does Anand think about the 12 classical games of the Carlsen Caruana match? Was the match boring with 12 draws? Or were there exciting moments that only a player of his level can understand. In this interview by IM Sagar Shah for ChessBase India, Vishy speaks about each and every game of the match, giving his insights into the critical moments of the game, his take on the new opening ideas, the behind the scenes psychology and much more. It is an interview that gives you the gist of the entire World Championship Match 2018 in just 30 minutes! Interview done at Vishy’s place in Chennai.

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