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När detta skrivs har det spelats fem ronder i lag EM i Reykjavik. Mitt gamla hemland som har 13 stormästare har två lag i öppen klass. Laget Iceland Legends ligger i skrivande stund före det isländska landslaget och Danmark! Laget består av: 1. Helgi Ólafsson född 1956 stormästare 1985, Jóhann Hjartarson född 1963 stormästare 1985, Jón Loftur Árnason född 1960 stormästare 1986, Margeir Pétursson född 1960 stormästare 1986 och Friðrik Ólafsson född 1935 stormästare 1958. De fyra förstnämnda är alla födda i Reykjavik och började spela schack efter matchen 1972. Alla utom Helgi har en universitetsutbildning och har gjort civil karriär. Helgi är proffs medan de andra får betraktas som mycket glada amatörer. ”De fyras gäng” – det vill säga Helgi, Jóhann, Jón och Margeir – uppnådde flera ofattbara framgångar i schack OS. I Dubai 1986 kom det isländska laget på femte plats bland 108 lag. Islands andre stormästare Guðmundur Sigurjónsson född 1947 stormästare 1975 ingick i laget. I Novi Sad 1990 kom laget på åttonde plats (108 lag) och återigen en bragd i Manilla 1992. Då blev det en sjätte plats bland 104 deltagande lag.

Den levande legenden Friðrik Ólafsson gjorde hade sitt Nordiska genombrott 1953 när han blev Nordisk mästare i Esbjerg 1953. Sitt internationella genombrottet fick han 1958 i Portoroz. Han berättar om sitt parti mot Fischer för 57 år sedan:

The Fatal Sisters Were Favourable

In the Interzonal Tournament in Portoroz 1958 I could not have chosen a better beginning, scoring a win against Szabo in the first round, draws against Pachman, Matanovic, and Filip in the next three followed by wins against Cardoso and Gligoric in the 5th and 6th rounds. The score against Gligoric, true enough, was marked with luck – having the inferior position and under heavy time pressure I laid a trap for him which he fell into — but in tournaments it is the wins that count and not how they are obtained. The result after 6 rounds was therefore promising with 4,5 points and sharing places 1-2 when I fell into a bad habit of losing to the “lesser prophets” in the tournament, perhaps setting the limit too high. My losses to Neikirch in the 7th and Rossetto in the 9th rounds had the effect that I had to exert all my energy against “the stronger ones” and was successful beyond hope. In the 11th round I defeated the child prodigy, Bobby Fischer, and in rounds 13 and 14 Averbach and Larsen met with the same fate. This success in this part of the tournament put me on my feet again and I managed to steer my course to the end. True enough, I almost ruined everything by my loss against Sherwin in the semi-final round, but the Fatal Sisters were favourable to me and the win against de Greiff in the final round “floated” me to the Candidate Tournament. This game was drawish at one time in the game , but it depended on the outcome of it whether I would “get in” or would have to compete for the 6th place along with 5 others. I did not like too much the idea of having to take part in a competition of that kind, and near the end of the game I managed to get the better of my opponent, whereupon the gleam of hope in ten expectant eyes was extinguished.

Here follows my game against Fischer which is one of the most eventful ones that I have ever played in my days. The sacrifice of the exchange in the opening is more based on feeling than exact calculations, the evolution of the game, however, shows this to be fully justified. The many weak points created in the black position proved too much for Fischer, and he never manages to organize his defence. The end is interesting.

Olafsson, Fridrik – Fischer, Robert, James [D38]
Portoroz (izt) (11), 1958

1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.d4 Bb4 5.cxd5 exd5 6.Bg5 h6 7.Bh4 c5 8.e3 Nc6 9.Rc1 c4 10.Be2 Be6 11.0-0 0-0 12.Nd2 Be7

Vit drar















13.b3 g5 14.Bg3 Ba3 15.Rc2 Nb4 16.bxc4 Nxc2 17.Qxc2 dxc4 18.Nb5 Bb4 19.Nc7 Bxd2 20.Nxe6 fxe6

Vit drar















21.Bxc4 Qe8 22.Qxd2 Ne4 23.Qd3 Nxg3 24.hxg3 Rf6 25.Qe4 Rc8 26.Bb3 Qd7 27.Rd1 Re8 28.f4 Qh7 29.Qe5 Qf5

Vit drar















30.g4 Qxe5 31.dxe5 Rf7 32.f5 Rc7 33.Rd6 Rc5 34.Bxe6+ Kf8 35.Bb3 Rcxe5 36.Rxh6 Rxe3 37.Rg6 R8e4 38.Rxg5 Rg3 39.Rg8+ Ke7 40.g5 Re2 41.Bd5 Kd6 42.Bf3 Rxa2 43.f6 Ke6 44.Re8+ 1-0

Olafsson vs Fischer, Bled 1961 (Källa: den isländska schacktidskriften SKÁK)








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