nov 19
Dear chess friends!

Our 15th auction will end tomorrow. On November 20, from 18:00 to 21:00, a total of 226 items at the Lund Chess Academy will be auctioned off.
You can see the various items here or copy the following URL into your browser.
We have many tournament books, chess magazines, problem books and biographies available. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to complete your collection.
Our member Victoriano Gallego has an auction in progress which will end on 22nd November: and our member Chessito has an auction in progress which will also end on 22nd November:
Further hints for the Academy:
Login , verification and Login (Click on the ”register now” at the red pencil if you want to sign up).
You can visit other shops with ”Buy-Now” items at
Sincerely yours
Per Skjoldager (Admin LSAK )

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