feb 08

Results from round 5:

GM Aronian, Levon, Armenia (2777) – GM Anand, Viswanathan, India (2797) 1-0

GM Adams, Michael, England (2738) – GM Bacrot, Etienne, France (2711) draw

GM Najditsch, Arkadij, Germany (2706) – GM Caruana, Fabiano, Italy (2811) draw

GM Carlsen, Magnus, Norway (2865) – GM Baramidze, David, Germany (2594) 1-0

Last year’s winner Anand doesn’t seem to be in any good shape after losing two games in a row. This time it was Aronian who managed to beat him  even though he was under some pressure on the kingside. Bacrot outplayed Adams but didn’t play optimally in time pressure and missed the winning move 55…Qd1! Najditsch-Caruana played the Marshall variation in the Spanish and it was rather equal from beginning to the end. The overdog Carlsen beat the underdog Baramidze comparatively easily in a closed Spanish by getting two connected passed pawns on the queenside.

Carlsen has now managed to catch up the earlier leader Najditsch and they have 3.5 points each.

Another recap of round 5.

Round 6 has the following meetings:

GM Anand, Viswanathan, India (2797) 1.5 p. – GM Baramidze, David, Germany (2594) 1 p.

GM Caruana, Fabiano, Italy (2811) 3 p. – GM Carlsen, Magnus, Norway (2865) 3.5 p.

GM Bacrot, Etienne, France (2711) 2.5 p. – GM Najditsch, Arkadij, Germany (2706) 3.5 p.

GM Aronian, Levon, Armenia (2777) 2.5 p. – GM Adams, Michael, England (2738) 2.5 p.

The games start at 15.00 (CET). The games can be followed live at chess24.com with excellent comments by GM Nigel Short and GM Jan Gustafsson.

There is more information on the organizer’s homepage.



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