jun 30

GP Jermuk 2010

GM Pia Cramling, Team Viking, förlorade i går mot sin favorit – GM Yifan Hou – till slutsegern  i FIDE Women GP i Jermuk (läs intervjuen från hemsidan som finns under tabellen/partiredovisningen). I dag är det spelledigt i Armenien så får vi hoppas att Europamästaren Pia kommer tillbaka med förnyade krafter till andra halvlek.

Bifogar länk till direktsändningen som startar klockan 12.00 den 1 juli och då möter Pia som vit GM Antoaneta Stefanova (2560) från Bulgarien.


Tabell och partier rond 1-6.
Klicka på resultatet för partiet.
Håll markören stilla över resultatet för information.


Have you ever been in Armenia before? What are your first impressions about the city of Jermuk?
Jermuk is very beautiful and nice, very fresh air and quiet.

Which of the previous Grand Prix tournaments was more successful for you and what was the reason of it?
Nalchik, I don’t know why but I always feel happy playing in Nalchik.

What expectations and objectives do you have from this tournament?
To try to play some fine games – nothing more.

All Grand Prix tournaments have rather strong participants. What can you say about the participants of this tournament? Do you think there are favorites?
I had Hou Yifan as favorite but now I am not sure.

Which important traits do you appreciate in people? How do you want to see the world champion?

A skillful player and a kind person.

The Grand Prix men’s tournament was devoted to the 80th anniversary of the world champion Tigran Petrosian and this tournament is devoted to the 100th anniversary of the famous chess composer Genrikh Kasparian. Are you familiar with his creations?
Yes, of course

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