Dec 03

1. We have started our Devember FIRST SATURDAY event in Budapest in the BERLIN hotel,

2. You can see the games of the event every day refreshed in the website:

3. After our event will be a THIRD SATURDAY GM and IM closed tournament in MONTENEGRO – 16-24 December), their website is:

4. The next FIRST SATURDAY GM-IM tournaments’ schedules: 3-13 Febr, 3-13 March, 7-17 April, 5-15 May, 2-12 June, 7-17 July, 4-14 August, etc.

5. We offer two famous OPEN tournaments – BUDAPEST SPRING FESTIVAL, 18-26 April (13500 € prize found,, ZALAKAROS Open 19-27 May, last yer 34000 € prize found) (the tournament programme of the ZALAKAROS event will be published soon)

Who would like more info?

IO Nagy Laszlo

Photo of the tournament hall of the FIRST SATURDAY chess tournaments.

Tournament Hall 4th of April 2017

Tournament Hall 4th of April 2017

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