aug 25

Schacksnack letade efter partierna från sista ronden i Franska mästerskapet 2012. Den kommer aldrig att spelas på grund av den fasansfulla nyheten som webaster saxsat från TWIC.

The French Chess Championships for men and women  took place in Pau 13th to 25th August 2012. Romain Edouard, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Etienne Bacrot and  Christian Bauer all had 7/10 going into the final round. However then there was the shock news of the death of Christian Bauer’s 4 month old child. On the proposal of the players the 11th and final round was cancelled. Edouard, Vachier and Bacrot were to play off for the title on Saturday but on further reflection it was decided that all 4 players should share the title.

Prislista och partier rond 1-10.
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