maj 26
För en tid sedan skrev Schacksnack: ”Vem kommer inte ihåg förra valet till Ordföranden i FIDE? Då hette utmanaren till Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Bessel Kok. Denna gång är det tidigare Världsmästaren Anatoly Karpov som utmanar. Både Kirsan och Anatoly har stöd från federationer runt om i världen.” Det kommer att bli en lång het sommar… Karpovs kampanjsida har funnits i cyberrymnden en tid. Nu är det Kirsan som sjösätter sin One World One Vision.

Dear Presidents, Delegates, Federations,I welcome you to our new FIDE election campaign “One World. One Vision.”
2010 will prove to be another important year for FIDE as we look forward for the next four years and review our previous achievements.

On our web pages, you will find a comprehensive review of our achievements as well as our electoral program and direction for FIDE. This vision is part of a long term strategic thinking process and it has been fundamental for the success we have had these last fifteen years. The campaign management, as well as running FIDE, is a team effort not a one man mission.

We open our arms to anybody who wishes to contribute ideas, or volunteer their services. Over the next four months, we will openly discuss issues, criticism, suggestions and generally anything which can help the chess world and everybody inside it, become more professional.

We will continue to practice democracy and ensure that everybody has an equal voice in the development of FIDE.

Gens una sumus Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

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