dec 14

Junior World Champion GM Aryan Tari joins Rilton Cup

The newly crowned world junior champion, GM Aryan Tari, Norway, joins Rilton Cup.

So the first question to Aryan Tari is of course:

How have your weeks been since you won world junior chess championships?

”Very hectic and many interviews! But that don’t bother me at all. I am course vet happy at the moment.”

What are your best memories of Rilton Cup?

”This will be my 4th Rilton Cup, and I remember most from my first appearance 2012/2013. I had my best performance 2014/2015, and my best memory from that tournament is my victory against FM Martin Lokander, Sweden, in the last round.”

What is your goal in this year’s Rilton Cup?

”I don’t think that much about goals. I hope to play interesting games and I hope to have the same shape as in world junior championships.”

What do want to achieve in your future chess career?

”I hope to reach a high rating as possible. First 2700 then we’ll see.”

GM Aryan Tari (Foto: Lars OA Hedlund)

GM Aryan Tari (Foto: Lars OA Hedlund)

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