Jun 13
Dear Chessfriends,
I offer you these chess tournaments:
1.24th June-1st July, GM tournament in South Slovakia, 6 and a half points GM-norm out of 9 games,info: IO Nagy, (firstsat@hu.inter.net)
2.1st-11th July First Saturday, Budapest,
3.17-23 July Eger, AGRIA cup, org:rauchferi@gmail.com
4.26-30 July BALATONALMÁDI, org:fancsyimre@gmail.com
5.5-15 August First Saturday,
6.18-27 August BSSZ-Aranytíz Open, Budapest, GM-IM event, 6 and a half point GM norm from 9.Org: IO Nagy
7.2-12 Sept First Saturday,
8.7-17 Oct First Saturday,
9.19-27 Oct HEVIZ GM and open: org:rigochess@gmail.com

4-14 Nov First Saturday

16-23 Nov HARKÁNY open, org:baranyasakk@gmail.com

12-12 Dec First Saturday.
Who would like more information?
Here is a link about our tournaments in the CHESSBASE site:
The newest press release (13.06.2017) about the FS June event in the fide.com:

Best regards:

Nagy, Laszlo
FIDE International chess organizer,
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