feb 23

In our lectures on Capablanca, Botvinnik, and Alekhine, one name stood out as a curiosity on crosstables: Vera Menchik. Easily the strongest female player in the world at the time, Menchik was begrudgingly admitted into the closed world of men’s chess. Though she did not reach the pinnacle of chess, she did take games from some of the strongest players of the time, like Euwe and Reshevsky. In this lecture, given on February 16, 2017, at Center64 (www.center64.com), Lucas Anderson recounts the story of her life, from being a young immigrant fleeing the Communist Revolution in Russia to a child growing up in Hastings, England, where she studied chess under Geza Maroczy. FM Warren Harper will present six of her notable games.

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  1. Mannen från Orkney säger:

    Man talar ju om Vera Menchik klubben där inträdeskravet var att man skulle ha förlorat mot henne.
    Man kan ju undra om det finns några idag levande medlemmar?

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