okt 26
Dear Chessfriends,
Here are the events we offer you and your chessplayer friends:
1. 5-15 Nov Budapest First Saturday GM-IM-ELO closed events,

2. 17-24 November, Harkany, Open  (250 km from Budapest) free thermal bath ticket, www.baranyasakk.hu

3. 3-13 November, Budapest, FS,

4. 14-22 Dec and 27 Dec – 5th Jan, Kecskemet, GM_IM_ELO events, www.chessinkecskemet.hu

5. 6th-14th Jan Budapest Perenyi memorial Open. (e-mail: versenyiroda@chess.hu).  

6. 4th-14 Febr Budapest FS, 

7. 4-14 March Budapest, FS

Best wishes:
Nagy Laszlo
International chess organizer
Mobile: +36-30-2301914

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