sep 21
1. Today between 1 and 4 PM we have moved the chess requisites from the MEDOSZ hotel to the BERLIN hotel.

I made some photos:
2. We have put the new sponsor, the 6 x 6 Taxi Company’s banner to our FB site, I hope you like it.
They will transfer the players from the airport or from the railway stations to the hotel.
3. On 30th September at 3 PM we will start the usual RAPID tournament, 7 rounds, 12 3 thinking time.
That will be the first event we will be conducting in the building.
3. On 1st Sept at 2 PM we start the First Saturday October event, lasting until 11th Oct latest.
The Main Arbiter will be Mr IA Brindza, from SRB.
4. After the moving of chess pieces work we have visited a nearby restaurants, the so called MAZSOLA’s kitchen, I think that will be the main restaurant for the FS players. Every day there are opened until 23:00, so after the game possible to have food and drinks there.
5. One 133E bus stop from the hotel BERLIN there is an ÚJBUDA center – a TESCO shop until 22:00 Open every day. We have found good money changing office there, the EURO rate was 1 € = 306 HUF, not too bad rate.
7. We have some vacancies in the GM and IM section, pls circulate and publish this info.
Maybe somebody amongst you or amongst your chessfriends wish to take part in this chess historical event.
All the best:
Nagy Laszlo
International chess organizer
Mobile: +36-30-2301914

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