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Budapest SPRING 2016 Hotel MEDOSZ Open

(18-27th March 2016)

Purpose of the tournament:  Participation in a nice chess tournament, possibility to achieve IM- WGM and WIM norms or simply to gain FIDE-rating points, and to see the beautiful city of Budapest.

Venue:         The Hotel MEDOSZ, Budapest, 6th District, Jókai tér (square) 9. (close to OKTOGON).

System:          International Open, 9 rounds Swiss

with FIDE rules valid from 2014.07.01.

Time control:      90 min for 40 moves, then 30 min till the end and 30 sec increments after each move.

The rounds start daily at 16.30.

The last round (on 27th March) starts at 10.00.

Allowed time to be late: 30 minutes, counted from the beginning of the round.

Day off:                20th March 2016 (Sunday)

Personal registration: 18th March 2016, from 2 PM until 4 PM.

Opening ceremony: 18th March 2016 at 4:15 PM.

Registration:                   (mainly in e-mails and by phone)

Participants: Hungarian players, who have valid playing license for 2016, and foreign players,  who has paid or pay the 1500 Ft yearly registration fee (FRD) over the entry fee. Maximum 60 players.

Registration is possible via e-mails until 14th March 2016. Entries sent later or upon registration on 18th March must be accompanied with 1500 HUF extra fee that must be paid before pairing of R1.

Entry fee system until 14th March 2016:

Without FIDE rating                             12.000 Ft

Between 1001 – 1600   ELO:                 9.000 Ft.

1601 – 1800                                           8.000 Ft

1801 – 2000                                           6.500 Ft

2001 – 2100                                           5.500 Ft

2101 – 2200                                           5.000 Ft

2201 – 2300                                           4.000 Ft

2301 – 2399                                           3.000 Ft

The personally invited GM-s and IM-s and players over 2400 ELO pay no entry fee,

Prizes       I.60.000 Ft II. 40.000 Ft III. 30.000 Ft  IV. 20.000 Ft V. 15.000 Ft VI. 10.000Ft

VII. 9.000 Ft  VIII. 8.000Ft

Special prizes: (if there will be minimally 5 players in the category)

The best under 1600                                                               6.000-Ft.

The best between 1601 – 2000 FIDE ELO                             6.000 Ft

The best between 2001 – 2100 FIDE ELO                             6.000 Ft

The best  between 2101 – 2200 FIDE ELO                            6.000 Ft

The best woman player                                                           6.000 Ft

The best senior  (over 60 years) player                                   6.000 Ft

The best junior, born after 01.01.1998                                   6.000 Ft

The prizes are taxable according to the 2016 year tax law and will be not divided.

Foreign players to get prize should have Certification of Tax Residency of the region where they live.

Otherwise they must apply for Hungarian tax number filling in a tax reg. Form at registration. Their prize will be taxed with 15% according to the 2016 HUN tax rules.

A player can win only one prize.

Prizes will be given only in the closing ceremony.

(27th March 30 minutes after the last game is finished.)

In the case of equal points the prizes will be divided:

According to

1) Buchholz,

2) Progressive scores

3) (TPR)

Information:         IO Nagy László             (daily 10.00-20.0010.00-20.00 )

Mobile phone:     +(36)-30-230-1914(36)-30-230-1914 ,

Accommodation is available in the hotel MEDOSZ 3***, including buffet breakfast:

single room 39, double 46 € per night, (For an approx info: 1 € = 315Ft).

Dear Chessfriends,

We will organize the above mentioned Open chess tournament in Budapest. We will have 60-70 players, planned 1-3 GM-s, 4-6 IM-s, 6-8 FM-s, 80-90 % FIDE rated and 15-20 foreigners.

Best wishes:

N a g y ,  L a s z l o

International chess organizer,

ARENA online International master,


Online chat is possible from the website with

the middle right red button LIVE CHAT,

cell: +36-30-2301914+36-30-2301914

Video about us:


Motto: We do all our best possible for our chessplayers



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