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IM Satea Husari, a former Harvard University Chess Club Coach  one of the very few international chess trainers who have traveled to 40 + countries in Asia, Europa, America, and Africa to compete and teach chess privately while remaining in many countries: USA, Germany, England, France, Hungary, Philippines, Italy, and Bulgaria for extensive periods to teach chess professionally at schools, clubs, and various organizations.  He has done a lot in chess most notably the Greater Boston area in USA where he used to teach at over 12 schools 2 Universities , many libraries and clubs   between 1998 and 2008

IM Satea Husari with former WCH Garry Kasparov and GM Susan Polgar in 2013

















Nguyen,Huy (2511) – Atabayev,Yusup (2424)
FS/ GM March 2015
[Satea Husari]

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After a very comfortable opening for black Yusup found himself in an almost winning position. He proceeded very nicely and with long tactics which took him after a forced variation to a slight advantage in the endgame which was not enough to win . Huy found the only moves for about 10 moves and was able to draw the game. Before Yusup has chosen the long and nice tactical variation he could have checked his alternatives and got a winning position in a short and routine way. Did he miss it or did he chose the beautiful long one? I leave the answer to you. Enjoy the moves and analyse the variations . 1.Bxc5?! e3! 2.Rd1? Bd4!!-/+ 3.Bxd4 Nxd4 4.Re1 Huy thoughts for 12 minutes about this move . 4…exf2+?! This was played instantly . I always advice my student not to play and move instantly, even when capturing a queen back . 4…Nxe2+!!-/+ 5.Rxe2 Rd1 This alternative is easier and shorter . 6.Rb3 (6.Rxa7 Bd3 7.Rxe3 Rxe3 8.fxe3 Rxf1+ 9.Kh2 Bxc4-+) 6…Bd3 7.Rxd3 Rxd3 8.Nxe3 Rxa3-/+ 5.Kxf2 Nxe2 6.Rxe2 Rxe2+ Yusup kept playing instantly any way after 4…exf2+?! He has no choice. It seems he saw the long tactical variation a head of time and thought he is going to have a winning endgame . Many players think endgames can be winning or losing but they forget that endgames sometimes can be advantageous without leading to a win . 7.Kxe2 Bd3+ 8.Ke1!! Re8+ 9.Ne3!! Rxe3+ 10.Kd2 Rg3 11.Rb3 Rxg2+ 12.Kxd3 Rg3+ 13.Kc2 Rxb3 14.Kxb3=/+ Houdini evaluates a draw for sure. White will equalize if he plays the best moves . 14…g5 15.c5 Kf7 16.Kc4 Ke6 17.Kd4 h5 18.Ke4 a5 19.c6 Kd6 20.Kf5 g4 21.hxg4 hxg4 22.Kxg4 Kxc6 23.Kf3 Kb5 24.Ke3 Ka4 25.Kd2 Kxa3 26.Kc3 Ka2 27.Kc2 a4 28.Kc1 1/2-1/2 Draw agreed. I advice my student to follow this basic: Do not play a good move instantly when you find it because that means your position is good and that you may find a better move which may lead to a sure win. The move you found first it can be a good move but it may not lead to a forced win but by making it you just regret rushing playing it. IM Satea Husari .


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